Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Heil Dumbass

Oh the hoodoo that you do, W. Do you see the people stirring out of their slumber? Do you hear the paradoxical visions you create dancing in their heads?

freedom and democracy for all Iraqi's....liberation from a cruel dictator..

..encroached upon freedoms and democracy in America....enslavement from a cruel dictator.

Corruption, Power, Lies, Poetic justice.

It's funny like that.

Hope you like poetry, Dubya.


Blogger Kevin T. said...

Okay, all I did was post King George's statements on my blog, just to make sure I did something to announce my disdain for the man and his absurd and sickening notion of leadership and government.

But your post is brilliant! From the pic to the clever witicisms, you've managed to capture the essence of the whole debacle without lecturing, regurgitating facts, or irrationally ranting and raving.


21 December, 2005  

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