Sunday, December 04, 2005

Let it Be, Let it Be, Let it Be

I recently found the best green tea--both for its flavor and health benefits. It's the only tea I've tried where I can actually feel a change in my body & mind for long periods after drinking it. Usually, I'm affected as I drink tea--in a real state of being in the moment--but the above Triple Echinacea blend really stays with me. Every cell in my system just seems to open up its little eyes and come alive. And no--that's not the caffeine.

Maia and I first tried it when we felt a cold coming on, and we were better 24hours and 3 or 4 cups later. It doesn't even need a sweetener, the flavor is a sublime green tea tinged with orange/tangerine and it's mostly organic. I totally attest to its immune boost capabilities. Can't recommend it highly enough.

As everything speeds up to a screeching halt while we all careen through the holi-daze toward the end of the year, this is the kind of sanity boost I know at least I need.

Like, for instance, the next time I'm forced to listen to an endless stream of Christmas music at work.

Here's a poem which inspired the tea:

(according to the Yogi Tea website)


Noble is a virtue of the presence of God,

Greatest virtue that can be expressed.

Noble to everyone whoever they may be,

Before the One God, Equality.

Noble is a virtue that affects every soul,

As innocence affects the heart.

Woman and Man has one virtue, to be noble ‘til death,

Living nobly is very blessed,

Living your Truth is happiness.

I can definitley buy that.


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