Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Espresso Pup

Thanks to Lis for the sign. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.! Attend those children if you've got em.


Blogger Salt Water said...

Our oldest is coming home again. She was cute and still is to me, but she just does not have what it takes to pay rent, keep a car, provide heat and food, aswellas save for a future. She is a kind person, but we are in need of rethinking the idea of an extended family. She has been home many times. Maybe it is time to stay. At 37 this is not a socially acceptable idea. But she just can't seem to make it on her own. The guys she likes want her to take care of them. This is hard for a kid who cannot take care of herself. As a result, I am going back to driving the line, which will almost double my income. I did this 8 years when money was needed. There is something nice about being home only every other week-end. Sorry to bother you with this, I will not be blogging much now. Yet any advise you give on how to help a cute, but not to sharp, 37 year old woman, who is loved dearly by her family would be appreciated. Good luck with your beautiful family. And may our leaders get there heads back into the sunshine so we can stop killing the children.

26 November, 2005  

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