Tuesday, December 13, 2005

#1 Fun Son

Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus Funyun in a pretzel manger went for: $600 on ebay. Holy mother of christ!

That really brings back memories from when I was a kid and me and a friend went and stole a baby jesus from someone's manger scene at Christmas time. Smite me now!

We decided that we wanted to bring Jesus back to his pagan roots (seeing as Christmas is copped from the Saturnine celebration of the Winter Solstice) so we put him up in our favorite tree and lit some fireworks we had for New Years from between his legs. OH, the blasphemy. But it just felt right.

Later we amused ourselves thinking about the people who would first discover the baby jesus we left in the tree. If devout, would they see it as a miracle? No. They probably would have done dna testing on him if they could have in the 70's.

It was always my wish to leave the babe at the base of that banyan tree and write 'Future Buddha' on his swaddling clothes. That would have been sooo gangsta.


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