Friday, April 21, 2006


We saw V for Vendetta finally. V for v-ery compelling. I loved how they used the symbol of the mask against itself. Without giving away much if you haven't seen it, replicas of V's mask are distributed all over the city for the general public who are against the powers-that-be to wear as a show of unity. In the act of wearing them, the people are also showing their individuality or at least their subversiveness against the imposed system. Which is ironic, because masks are normally symbolic of conformity and accepted public persona. To wear a mask usually means to not show your true self. But what makes the imagery and use of the mask the most beautiful is the fact that 'these' people are living under totalitarian conditions, which can only exist under strict and unquestioning conformity to what they are told to believe, do, be. By wearing that mask of subversion they are expressing under no uncertain terms that they are all the same only in that they all totally oppose the system. Elegant, that.

Other than that, I will say my spiritual self has serious problems with the whole notion of vendetta, which is so entrenched in our political system on all levels. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" and all that. Isn't that mindset really the root cause of so many problems on the world stage? There is only one real spiritual moment in the film, which is unfortunate, as the Matrix (also by the Wachowskis) was really full of them. But these are darker days, aren't they? Still, they could of, say, changed V to Y and Evey to X and X and Y could have come together and solved all of the world's problems.

Viva Idealism!


Anonymous guile said...

even with a shaved head, ms portman still looks stunning :)..

05 May, 2006  

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