Thursday, April 06, 2006

I absolutley love this ad for my automobile. My Prius Love knows no bounds--we have even recently named ours, which we never do. Usually, we'll name a friend's car, not our own. But from now on the Holy Prius shall be called--the Green Bean. Green because it actually is in color and for its environmental reasons and bean in honor of a friend of mine who has said it looks like a jellybean. Which is true. The aerodynamic design does give it an eggy shape.

Oh, and did I mention even the Amish drive it?

Here's a view from the inside.

It starts up like a computer--with the push of a button. The blue screen gives me a constant monitoring on my MPGs. It has totally changed the way I drive. I see people rushing to red lights without the slightest clue how much gas they would save if they just started slowing down as they approach a red light. Just that one act alone is muy buena on the mileage.

The most fun is taking it to a non-Toyota mechanic and having to show them how to operate the car--it really screws with the so-called ignorant woman/expert mechanic dynamic.

And I just so love that.


Anonymous Artist said...

Congratulations on having an environmental car, best wishes, Winsome

06 April, 2006  

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