Sunday, January 08, 2006


So, I'm googling travel plans for the clan for a ski trip in March. I discover what must be the best place to go skiing--British Columbia. You can Heli-Ski there! Which means they don't mess with chairlifts. They take you up on virgin glaciers by helicopter and DROP you on the top. I wonder if you can get the James Bond Package where they will just drop a line out of the copter and hover so you can literally drop on top. We could so do this. I mean, so what if the kids haven't ever skiied. They're athletic. It may take them a few runs, but they might get it by like the third round, right?

I check out a website that offers this once-in-a-lifetime experience and find that you can take a google earth tour of the territory. Here's what it says:

You'll feel like you're actually here! Using high-resolution sattelite imagery and terrain data, Google Earth allows you to view our area in amazing detail. See exactly where the lodge is located and then enjoy a breathtaking flight over our mountain playground.

I already knew about Google Earth, of course, but never imagined this application. It WAS just like being there, and now, well, I don't have to go!


Anonymous Howard Muhlberg said...

British Columbia is my home away from home. The border is 25 miles north and we spend a lot of time up there. Spectacular place. From the mountains to the islands, well, it's actually just like here in Bellingham, only a lot more of it.

I'm don't ski, but Whistler is where the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held, and I have recently heard VERY good things about Sun Peaks.

09 January, 2006  

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