Thursday, May 11, 2006

Caption, Please


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You'ld Smile, Too, If You Smoke a Mona Juana Cigarette." Caution: May be habit-forming due to its 'high' content.

11 May, 2006  
Anonymous Dan said...

"Oh man. I synged off my eyebrows."

12 May, 2006  
Blogger genetic lorax said...

Love it guys! I would guess she would find the DaVinci Code verrrryy deep. ;-)

15 May, 2006  
Anonymous andrena said...

pass de dutchie 'pon de lef han' side...

15 May, 2006  
Blogger S.J. Redman said...

Ohh man, I'm really hungry for crepes all of the sudden.

15 May, 2006  
Anonymous "Trumpy" said...

"Hmm, it could use a little more tobac-kee."

16 May, 2006  
Anonymous Howard Muhlberg said...

"So, was it good for you?"

16 May, 2006  

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