Friday, February 03, 2006

Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue

  • It amazes me how out of touch with reality REALTY can be. Houses that went for $3 million dollars 5 years ago on the beaches in the town where I live (in hurricane ravaged Florida) are now going for $10 million. Who could possibly be that short-sighted? Oh yeah, rich people. I guess the people who are buying these things want some excitement in their lives? IF not the threat of your own private tsunami, what exactly does it take for people to realize that God or Gaia or whatever you want to call her doesn't want you to live there?

  • Never go it alone when buying new sunglasses. You can never tell what the @#%$ they look like on you.

  • Always be wary of endevors that require new clothes. Ok, I didn't say that--Thoreau did. Or something like it. But I thought it the other day, picking out an outfit for some interviews. I made sure to buy a shirt that I would wear by choice under many circumstances and dark pants that would conceal my full tattoo bodysuit.

  • Raising kids as activists is not always sunshine and buttercups. Especially when they refuse to use Elmer's glue on their science fair boards for the sake of the poor cows.


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