Sunday, January 15, 2006

Change the World

Heard about this via Lorianne's blog: Change the World. The Complimenting Commenter inspires a new family tradition. The idea is to put all of your change that you accumulate in your daily, mostly meaningless financial transactions into a jar and send to charities of your choice 4 times a year. Everyone in the family will get a turn to choose. I must admit, it is a bit of a challenge to get Bliss to give up his quarters. He'll let go of the other, less worthy coins, no problem. But that's okay. The pickle jar is already 1/4 full. Somebody is going to get some funny smelling money.

For my part, the funds will go to Union of Concerned Scientists. They have their hands in several important environmental issues--one being global warming. I really want to try to avoid having to see this kind of thing

on our roadways in the near future.


Anonymous Den said...

Hey, Cathy; thanks for providing that site of "Union of Concerned Scientists". It sure makes you think about what's happening to this wonderful planet of ours. It's like they said: It's the only one we got (unless they can find one with similar conditions where thereupon we go there & probably foul up that planet as well.) Hopefully I will be proven wrong about that. Thank goodness for concerned people (also thank you for such insightful articles). You're the best!

16 January, 2006  

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