Tuesday, July 17, 2007

True or False

Most solar systems are cheap and easy to build.

(This was an actual t/f question on my environmental midterm exam.)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tattoo You

I just had a birthday at the end of last month, and that means one thing for sure (besides the age thing)--I am obsessing about getting a tattoo.

Usually by now, I'm over it. I have either sublimated by tattoo craving by making another t-shirt, or all of those self-reflective thoughts that come around the b-day have ebbed and I no longer feel the urge to journal on my skin. This year, it's different. Not only have I pieced together through the years what I want tattooed, but this year I performed a stroke of genius on exactly where. It finally and totally clicked.

Before you get any ideas, it's on the tops of feet. And its the lotus flower. Like this maybe. Or this. Why on the feet? Because when Buddha was born, it is said that he got up and walked and under his feet lotus blossoms bloomed.
The tops of my feet will have to do, the bottoms would both be too painful and too obscure.

I'll design it myself. I want an aerial lotus design, with spiral seeds in the middle. I need a tattoo artiste in the true sense of the word. No unicorn butchers or guys named Al in biker regalia. Then again, biker regalia may be a prerequisite in the tattoo trade. No worries--it shall be done!