Monday, June 19, 2006

Dropping Knowledge

Go here! Drop a question or ponder what's already been asked. This kind of site represents the best the global internet community has to offer. The pictures, questions, and contributions of people around the world are profound, moving, and vital.

My answer to the question posed above--What is the role of religion in our days of science and high technology?--is to CONTROL. The biggest building in the city used to be the church, now it is the skyscraper--technology now has the greater influence, but they are both historically forms of control. The measuring stick as to whether a religion actually serves the sacred primarily (which is supposed to be its function) is if the religion is one of true compassion. No exceptions. Everything else is taken care of from that starting point. You reach the sacred, you reach healing, and you reach each other. And everything else under the name of religion that is not compassion is another form of control.

Compassion has no conflict with science and technology, except to develop it with a conscience.

So, globe--Are we there yet?


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