Sunday, June 18, 2006

Leaves of Books

At the library on a rainy Sunday, trying to keep my summer pledge with the family to read a book a week, I look up from a music book and see this:

I couldn't resist the photo montage that literally fell into my lap on that library stool. I have always loved photomontage--with two of my favorite artists being Jerry Uelsmann and Scott Mutter. In fact, I love collage in all forms of media--visual, sound, and text. It's an artform that kind of exploded in the sixties when William S. Burroughs discovered the cut-up technique, and the collective seemed to pick up on etherically and take into all kinds of interesting directions.

So, as I sat on my perch in the library, I just allowed that 'book tree' to speak to me ...voluminously.


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