Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vesica Pisces

Life in our one month of winter here has been very rich. Took the 'kids' to see the George Rickey Kinetic Sculptures (see above) last weekend. An incredible collection of sculptures that are in constant motion without the use of motors--just good engineering. A very pure mind-state is created just watching these art pieces. A Zen Beginner's mind. Some of the best artwork I've seen locally. Ever.
Also, been working hard on passionately researching my answer to this. Yes, I do have one. Hermione and I will be putting our 2 cents-worth in. I haven't enjoyed doing something so much in too long. Been to here, going to go here soon and will be learning something at my local sang ha I have wanted to learn in ages at the end of the month--How to play the didgeridoo.
2 t-shirt designs are in process, as well. I just joined a local gym that has awesome yoga classes and the vibe I'm looking for.
Yay, 'winter'!


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