Friday, January 19, 2007

Do What You Love

This week, my son started his first job. It's actually a fun job as a recreation counselor--teaching kids how to do back flips and dribble (not at the same time). And its got perks--like free use of fitness facilities--weight rooms, pool, racquetball.

He was hired a month ago, and as he waited to fill the position, they increased the pay rate.

His first job and he gets a raise before he even starts.
An impressive beginning.


Anonymous Trumpy said...

Kudos to Phelan. I figured Phelan's reputation preceded him, hence the pay raise. As for me, I might not be able to do a backflip but I can dribble & drool a little. Your son & daughters obviously have a good role model (plus they're hard workers). Wish Phelan the best in his new job.

20 January, 2007  
Blogger genetic lorax said...

Thank you, 'Trump'. I will.

He even gets to take off work to go to the Orlando Magic B-ball game tomorrow night. With very little notice! I'll make sure he makes up for it by going in early on a Saturday. :-)

22 January, 2007  

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