Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My New Year's Eve with Woody Allen

At a very hoity-toity venue, we saw him play with his New Orleans-style jazz band. A dream come true for me, ever since I saw him in Wild Man Blues. Part of the set included the songs, Seems Like Old Times (the musical highlight of Annie Hall), Sweet Georgia Brown, and Down By the Riverside (Ain't gonna Study War No More). He's incredibly passionate about this music, he's also very reserved on stage, not to mention shlumpy--but when he let loose, he did so beautifully. I kept half-expecting some kind of part jazz/part stand-up comedy vaudeville act. He did come up to the mic a few times to talk and didn't disappoint. One thing he said was something I think everyone can relate to:

"Thank you for spending this part of your New Year's Eve with us.

What can I say about 2006? Thank god it's over. "

Just being able to see this show was so phenomenal. As we left the theater and passed the stage door area on the way to our car, I was utterly amazed to see him exiting just as we are about to pass. Surrounded by about a half dozen fans, walking toward a Lincoln Towne Car--sister Letty waiting in the back seat.

Next thing I know, I am standing right next to the Woodman, wishing him a Happy New Year.

Just to be clear, if I were to have any idols--they would be, in no particular order--

The Dalai Lama

John Lennon

Joseph Campbell

and Woody Allen

I think I can now honestly say, with this incredible omen as a guide, 2007 is going to be the

best. year. ever.


Anonymous Gonzo said...

Happy New Year, Lorax!

First, let me say thanks for stopping by Tfloss recently.

Second, I share your love of Woody Allen. You can complain all you want about his personal life choices, but the man has done some incredible work. (BTW, that moment in Annie Hall when Diane Keaton sings Seems Like Old Times is one of my favorite cinema moments of all time. I'm jealous that you got to see him perform that song.)

Growing up in New Jersey, maybe even growing up as a Jew in New Jersey, I think I was somewhat predisposed to like Woody. His sensibilities are like familiar, comfortable scenery.

I had the pleasure of seeing him and his band perform at Michael's Pub in New York City, where he's played almost every Monday night for many, many years, even when it meant not being able to attend the Academy Awards...when he was nominated.

Michael's is small, intimate, somewhat hoity-toity, like the place you described, and we sat at table VERY close to the stage. I was in heaven. I love Dixieland and it was impressive to see someone so incredibly accomplished at filmmaking be so humble, and incredibly accomplished as a musician on top of it all.

03 January, 2007  
Anonymous sweat shop sissy said...

wow...what a great new years!
a couple of years ago i heard a radio program on cbc (probably npr in the states) it went on for several weeks and was hosted by woody introducing the music that had influenced him. up until then i had only known him from his movies and books. i was impressed.
i found you through 25 peeps and added you to my blog roll.
why, you ask?
i liked your list of favourite books and music.

04 January, 2007  
Blogger genetic lorax said...


That's cool about seeing him in NYC, always wanted to myself, but was never in the city on a Monday. I am now a huge fan of dixieland, already loved jazz but never explored the dixieland style. So much fun.


Thanks for visiting, love your comments. I'd loved to have heard that radio show. Thanks for adding me to your roll, I'm going to come visit yr site soon!

05 January, 2007  
Blogger Battlerocker said...

Interesting collection of idols, and congrats on meeting one. Good luck with 2007, and good luck with 25 Peeps.

05 January, 2007  

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