Sunday, July 23, 2006


On a sea turtle walk, on the beach at night...

Maia: How many grains of sand do you think there are on the beach?

Me: (Imitating Carl Sagan) BIllions and Billions.

Maia: How about stars in the sky?

Me: Gazillions.

Maia: Do you think you could count all of them in your life, every millisecond, from when you were born to when you die?

Me: (staggered at the thought) No.

Maia: Good.

Me: Why good?

Maia: Because that would be reallllllly boring.


Anonymous Trumpy said...

Ha-ha! That sounds like Maia all right. She always does the unexpected. I know (according to high government sources--& I do mean high) that there are brazilion people in this world, & that's a lot & you know what I'm referring to). Keep smilin', Cathy. You always make me do.

23 July, 2006  
Blogger genetic lorax said...

Yes, I DO know what you mean. I'm surprised Maia didn't think to say 'brazillion' herself! :-)

24 July, 2006  
Anonymous Howard Muhlberg said...

Cath, thanks for stopping by today. The timing was incredible, actually, because I was going to leave a comment here for the first time in a few weeks to let you know how much I continue to enjoy your blog. It's like a breath of fresh air! Truly.

Say, I'd be surprised if you didn't already know about a website I've been having a lot of fun at lately - - but thought I'd mention it because it seemed to me to be something you'd be very interested in.

If you do already know about, or better yet, if you already are a member, let me know your profile page so I can invite you to be my Zaadz friend.

25 July, 2006  
Blogger genetic lorax said...

Nice to hear from you, Howard...thanks for the compliment. Right back at ya. Zaadz sounds intriguing, I will check it out when things slow down a bit. Have a great day!

26 July, 2006  

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