Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just one Simple Question

I can't begin to understand what would possess anyone to buy an SUV at this point. And yet it's happening all over the place.


What you support if you buy an SUV at this point:

Rising gas prices that will never go down.
The end of oil which will bring this civilization as we know it to a halt.
A siphoning off of your children's future.
War over the last reserves of what is left.
A climate in crisis mode.


If you care about any of these things, here's a great video that will take you to a happy place.



Couldn't agree more. SUV owners are fools. Particularly if they live in cities. Selfish, stupid people.

Ooh, don't get me started ....

30 July, 2006  
Anonymous Rudicus said...

I have wondered about this for some time. None of the people who buy these big SUV's actually need them.

I know a family that has 4 giant SUV's two of them big Expeditions. I asked them about them and they always say it is for safety reasons.

But there are plenty of safe cars that are not as big as a small central american country.

I think the real reason is simply that they can. Not only do they get the status symbol of having a car bigger than some people's apartments, but now that they have to pay $100 a week to drive it, they feel oh so good about themselves.


P.S. Thanks for dropping by the new Rudicus Report, it was nice to see you - I'm blogrolling you so I can rebuild my links. See you again soon!

02 August, 2006  
Blogger genetic lorax said...

I think you're right.I take refuge in the fact that those monster SUVs are vastly depreciating.

Good to hear you're blogging again--welcome back!

03 August, 2006  

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