Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Can't Wait To Hear The Whole Album

1.) R is for Revenge: It's Good Enough For Me
2.) Elmo Made Me Do It
3.) My Four Furry Friends
4.) Prison-Grade Orange is My Fav-or-ite Color


Blogger Salt Water said...

Fantastic Cat! I just got back from Gold Beach, Oregon. We go there when true physical rest is needed. We rent a room at the Sand & Sea Hotel, hit the hot tube, start the shrimp, wine and spinich dip dinner and veg-out. The rooms over look a beautiful dune fronted beach with wild blue water. Life is good there. I am still trying to finish Ishmael. I have trouble with books like this, because they lead to other thoughts that distract me terribly. I am amazed at how obvious many of Ishmael's observations are, yet they are so difficult to fathom (land that can support 30k people can support 30k people, not 50k). Mother Culture is so powerful that I still cannot get free enough to think through this. I'm glad to see you are taking comments now. You always post such interesting subjects. Watch out for the anonymus comments. They can be rough. I hope this comment is not so long that you regret allowing them. Thanks.

09 October, 2005  
Blogger genetic lorax said...

Mother Culture is powerful, isn't it? How important to step back from it, though. Hang in there, the observations will sink in. Thanks for the compliments, & your adventures sound lovely, as always!

11 October, 2005  

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